Acoustic guitarAbout the instrument

The headstock of an acoustic guitar is solid, and the strings are wound on to pegs that stick out of its face. This kind of guitar is used for playing folk and country music, and for some pop and rock music too. The strings are made from various metals wound around a steel core, and they are harder to hold down than those on a nylon-strung  guitar.

Most acoustic guitar music is available in both standard notation and guitar tablature, so although it is very useful for an acoustic guitarist to be able to read music it is not essential. I teach both standard notation and tab.

Grade examinations are available for acoustic guitarists, and I am happy to teach to an exam syllabus - but I encourage exam students to explore music for their instrument outside the requirements of the syllabus too. There are lots of performance opportunities at open mics and other events around the area, and I can help students to prepare for performance and to build the confidence to appear in public. As a singer myself, I can help you learn to sing and play at the same time - which is not as easy as it looks!

I provide acoustic guitar lessons for beginners from 8yrs upwards, and for more experienced players. If you are not sure whether acoustic guitar is for you, I am happy to give you or your child a free half-hour lesson using one of my own acoustic guitars.

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